Thursday, October 24, 2013

Great Things To Come

Today started out like most days. 

6:40a - Alarm goes off. I don't want to get up that early. I readjust the alarm so it'll go off at 7:00 instead.

6:57 - I haven't gone back to sleep yet. Guess I HAVE to get up now.

7:00 - Prayer and shower time. 
7:05 to 7:15 - Grooming time.
7:25 - Breakfast time.
7:40 - Leave for class before I'm late time.
7:45 - Class until 9a.

9:00 - Head to work.
9:28 - Clock in at work.
10:00a - Start getting very painful cramps.
*Try distracting myself from it....not helping.*
*Try taking an Ibuprofen....wait...will that interfere with my medication?*

10:15 - Call doctor. "Will Ibuprofen interfere with Metformin?" 
Doctor says, "No, you're fine to take that together."
Thank the Lord!!! This pain is a 12 on scale of 1 to 10!!!

10:30 - Waiting for the Ibuprofen to work. Pain is getting duller.
10:45 - Pain finally gone! Thank goodness. 

11:00 - Bathroom break.
Look down at underwear....hmm...menstrual cycle. Wait!!!! MENSTRUAL CYCLE?!?! 
BY ITSELF!!!!???!!! NO PILLS?!?!?
Dang it!! I didn't bring anything for it!!

11:03 - Solicit two female coworkers out of supplies.
11:04 - Head to the bathroom again to arm myself with the necessities.
11:06 - Start telling all friends who have known my struggle for menstrual cycles that it finally started!! After 7+ months of my period not starting on its own, it finally came back! Male coworkers hear...I don't care. 

11:15 - Text my husband!!! EXCITING MOMENT And then back to work.
Silent prayer of gratitude.

12:30 - Lunch time. 
I multitask during lunch.
12:47 - Back to work. 
I start worrying that my period will be short lived and only be around for a day. What if it just spots, no flow?
Try to focus, have faith. Everything will be fine, it'll'll stay...and everything will be fine.

3:00p - Get off work. Head home for homework time.
Try not to obsess over the period thing.
3:30p - Finish homework. 
Waste time on facebook/youtube until husband comes home

7:42p - Hubby arrives!!! Yay!!
8:30p - Bathroom break. *I know, I don't drink enough water*
Still going strong! Even stronger than before! It's staying! YESSS!!!

9:00p - Decide that I've GOT to tell my blog about this =D
Enjoy the moment I've been waiting for my whole life:

The moment my body actually induces its own period. It could be the Metformin, as that's said to help. However, I've taken it since September and only now I have a period. I was already over my time for the period by the time I started the Metformin. Maybe it took a really long time to work? 
That COULD be it...not fully sure.

We're going to monitor things for the next 30 days and see what it could be. Maybe we'll figure out it IS the medication. Or maybe we'll figure out none of the meds had anything to do with it. Who knows. 

Either way, I know the Lord had His hand in this. And I'm a believer in great things to come.

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  1. So happy! I know this is a constant worry/stress/desire/pain-in-the neck for you . . . . . hope things keep flowing along well! HA!